This is a satirical, political site by four individuals who all feel that media, prejudice and news need to be screened. Furthermore, they will write about anything on this site.

The performers are the following:

Frans Narcisius – An angry guy, with narcissistic features, who often submits to misanthropy. Is frequently mistaken for a chauvanist due to his strong language. Writes poetry on the side but under a different alias.

Niklas – a 28-year-old guy who feels strongly about a variety of subjects, and feels the easiest way to express his feelings is mostly by writing them, here. He also sports a personal blog, which can be found here.

Murre –

Rade – A semi sleeping volcano just waiting to erupt. His biggest obstacle from doing the right thing is that he has a hard time finding the correct path to it. What is the right thing you ask?

Just like uncle Kure said in the movie RANE, that is a philosophical question!


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