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Blair: if you’re anti-USA, you’re mad


According to this article from The Guardian, Tony Blair, anti-americanism is "madness", although admitting the US could be a "difficult friend to have". From the article:

[…]the prime minister paid tribute to the Australians for joining in the "global struggle" against terror, likening it to their joining the war against the Nazis.

Interesting, considering that the US government, per definition, is the biggest terrorist state in many decades. Oh, how the English bulldog is strangled in its leash.


Aids leaves 9m African children without mothers


The AIDS-epidemic rages on in Africa, and people should start caring. From this article by Owen Bowcott, published in The Guardian today:

Nine million children in Africa will spend Mother’s Day this year with no one to cherish because they have lost their mothers to Aids, according to a British charity. The figure is equivalent to the total number of children in the United Kingdom under the age of 13.

In a report published today entitled Missing On Mother’s Day, the charity Save the Children says additional funds must be channeled towards millions more youngsters missing out on school in order to care for sick and dying parents.

Swedish intolerance


A very remarkable report has been published in Sweden.

The report is titelled “Intolerance: Anti-Semitic, Homophobic, Islamophobic and Xenophobic tendencies among the young”. A small snippet from it:

The findings from the study indicate that the vast majority of youths profess a positive attitude towards the different minority groups. The young people included in this study tend for example to agree with statements that most Muslims (or Jews or homosexuals) are undoubtedly “good people� whereas they tend to distance themselves from negatively charged statements. The scale mean on the combined general intolerance index against Muslims, Jews and homosexuals lies at a score of approximately one (with the scale assuming a maximum value of four). The corresponding score on the three subscales varies only slightly around this value (from 0.9 in relation to homosexuals to 1.2 in relation to Muslims).

This report consists of replies from 3000 randomly selected Swedish citizens, and questions them on tolerance. 41% are partially or wholly negative when it comes to jews. 5% are anti-semitic. 25% are negative against the idea of having a jewish Prime Minister. How very nice. The entire report on these matters, as well as anti-Islamic, homophobic and xenophobic views is available in English, in this PDF-file. The report is available in more languages here.

The report is commented through this post in Dagens Nyheter, one of the biggest Swedish morning papers.

Berlusconi vs common sense


From Bloomberg:

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi walked out of a television interview hosted by Italy’s state- owned RAI television network before the April 9 election after being angered by the interviewer’s questions about the economy.

“Thank you and goodbye,” Berlusconi said as he abandoned the studio during the filming of the program 30 Minutes yesterday. “You’ve shown well how someone with left-wing prejudices acts,” the prime minister said as he stood to leave the show hosted by Lucia Annunziata, a former head of RAI.

berlusconi_stella_klick463.jpg I’ve got the feeling that Mr. Berlusconi will have a very tough time when the real political debates will start to kick in, i.e. when he has to face other politicians.

His ratings are apparently falling.