Crips founder to be killed

Straight outta Popbitch:

Hasta la vista, Tookie

Will The Terminator save Crips founder?

Next week Tookie Williams, a founder of the
LA Crips gang who are said to have murdered
Tupac, is due to be executed.

Tookie was sentenced to death for four murders
in 1979 but has always maintained his
innocence. Since going to jail he has taught
himself to read, renounced violence and
written a series of anti-gang children’s books
to try and persuade kids not to follow
his kind of life.

Ironic, really, that the one person who can
save Williams is California Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger, whose fame, money and political
career are all thanks to a series of movies in
which he, er, regularly killed loads of people
with an armoury of automatic weapons.

Fingers crossed Tookie!

More info here.


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