I’m happy that “Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price” is doing good. Roger Ebert has given it a thumb-up (which is quite good (even though he actually liked the latest Star Wars-film; Roger! Wake up!)) and there’s a QuickTime clip available on Jim’s site which lets you see what Ebert has to say about it.

I’ve already ordered my copy of the film. Do the same! Even though you don’t have a Wal-mart in your country (like myself) it’s a very important issue: one should always remain true to businesses that are true to its employees and are not engaging in moronic activities, like polluting the environment.

By the way, if you have seen a documentary (sponsered by Wal-mart themselves) called “Why Wal-mart Works”, you shouldn’t feel as if it does. Just check this little QuickTime video courtesy of The Daily Show to know that the Wal-mart sponsored documentary is as fake as it gets.


2 Responses to “Wal-Mart”

  1. Ron Galloway Says:

    I’m the director of “Why Wal-Mart Works.” Get your facts straight, Sparky. 1) See the film first before you judge it and 2) it’s not sponsored by Wal-Mart.

  2. juvenal Says:

    If you indeed are the director, I have a few questions for you: 1. In English, “sponsor” (among other meanings) means “One who vouches for the suitability of a candidate for admission”. Is the following quote (from this site) incorrect, I ask you?

    Wal-Mart has also begun to promote a second film, “Why Wal-Mart Works & Why That Makes Some People Crazy,? which casts the company in a rosier light. Wal-Mart declined to make its executives available for the Greenwald film, but it participated with the second film’s director, Ron Galloway.

    2. Why did Wal-mart decline to make its executives available an interview with film-maker (Robert Greenwald) – who is fighting a just cause using fair and balanced tools (as opposed to some he’s covered, e.g. FOX Networks/Rupert Murdoch), asking reasonable questions – yet picked your documentary to hail their ways?

    3. I really aim to see your piece of film, as soon as it’s to be found. Oh, before I do, did you pick up on anything that Lewis Black discussed in the clip I tipped all about? Here it is again. I’d love to hear what the Wal-mart executives said about using immigrants the way they have, how they defend their sub-poor stance on letting their employees starve and have nil-or-next-to-nil healthcare help (as is discussed in said clip). You did ask them those things, push the evidence in front of them, and pushed them to reply, right? I guess that’s why you were allowed to interview these multi-millionaires.

    4. Did you interview any of the children involved in child-labour for Wal-mart

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