Racist lullaby

prussian_victory.jpg You’ve got to check this page out. It contains link to a horribly home-made video, starring three children: two girls who (seem to) play and sing the song.

What song? Well, it’s a little racistic ditty. You’ll have to check it out yourself. The entire video is downloadable through mentioned site.

Noteworthy facts and questions:

  • The baby is named Dresden.
  • You clearly hear an acoustic guitar, but this doesn’t stop the guitar-playing girl from having a Steve Vai-ish electric guitar sling around her neck (and does that really match their “European clothes”?)
  • What the f-ck are “European clothes”?
  • Did the kids write the lyrics? Hell no. Talk about your racist parent who uses his kids for pushing his own agenda. Hello, Jordy.
  • The site says “It cannot fail to charm the socks — and the stereotypes — off anyone who sees it.” Do they mean the video will charm the light-weight prejudiced socks off and replace them with ultra-racist ones instead? I’m sure that’s what being implied.

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