Gender-based hatred in Sweden

As this article from DN [in Swedish] points out, Tiina Rosenberg, whom I’ve written about previously, is constantly under fervent attack, apparently because she is intellectual, strong and a leading member of Feministiskt Initiativ (Fi).

The most recent attack is courtesy of Johan Tralau, a scientist, who has accused Rosenberg of cheating, in order to attain her professorship in Gender Sciences.

His claim to this, is saying Rosenberg has stolen a piece of research and used it in a book of her own, without referring to her source. A reporter from DN has researched this claim, and sees that Rosenberg has, in fact, referred to the one sentence that Tralau is accusing her of stealing; if one can say anything to Tralau’s defense, the referral is made before said sentence, and not after it, which is customary.

So, was that all? No. This one, non-customary reference to one single sentence in an entire book, written by Rosenberg, was enough for Tralau to accuse the Swedish government of “letting gender politics pass before academic merits”, i.e. Tralau says Tiina Rosenberg shouldn’t be allowed her professorship because she added a referral to one sentence, of all her referrals in mentioned book, before, instead of what customarily comes afterwards, said sentence. Either that, or he’s anti-feministic. But, he’s a scientist, so he be that as well.

Hence, here’s what I suggest: let somebody rummage through Tralau’s list of writings, and let anybody who finds any single spelling-error or dubious full-stop, publicly exclaim that’s a sign meaning the Swedish government lets people who carry a penis pass before true intellectuals. And, of course, don’t forget to accuse Tralau of cheating to get to call himself “scientist”. For, as you know, scientists only use science as their tool of choice. They don’t go accusing people of theft on prejudiced grounds, do they?

The above would be funny in a Monty Python-esque way, if it weren’t for the fact that Rosenberg has now stated that she is thinking about leaving politics altogether, because of the hounds constantly following her (and her family). And they aren’t exactly few in number; even as they’re mostly intellectually incapacitated, the sheer legion of morons attacking can make a person mentally tired, ready to pack everything up. Everybody knows this. When the headlines of the country spell your name and every type of deranged adjective beneath in huge, capital letters, at least a day a week, you can probably guess Rosenberg’s situation is quite horrid at times.

If you who are reading this are not from Sweden, you may have heard that Sweden is “the most gender-equal country in the world”. By some slide-rulers this is true, but alas, men still are much more privileged than women in this country (and hence, in the world). Since Fi was founded this very year, giving birth to the first 21st-century political organisation that put feminism as their top priority, I haven’t witnessed anything like the attacks against them, of which extremely few have had any type of intellectual validity; most of these, I’ve heard through people who, instead of checking out the facts, have guessed what Fi are on about, and twisted this aggressively in their minds, blurting it out without caring for the consequences. When I’ve asked some of these people for solid proof backing what they’ve said, they’ve mostly laughed and said “what, you expect me to refer to what I read in some paper a week ago?”, to which I’ve replied “yep”. Go ahead! Further laughter and can-you-believe-this-guy-looks (when a discussion like this has taken place in the company of several people, and not in a one-on-one confrontation). I retort: “OK, you actually expect me to believe in something you’ve ‘read somewhere’, which in turn means you apparently believe any type of printed word without having to question the source or its validity? Don’t you think that would be wrong?”. Usually, this question just makes the person quimper and studder pap. Reason against aggressive, unbelievable trash always works: at least intellectually.

I hope Rosenberg stays on the political arena and I really hope the people who attack her and Fi on loose grounds can start using their minds. Sweden desperatly needs intellectuals like Rosenberg in order to stay afloat.


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