Florida madness

One of the first pictures off Google, that I found when searching for Today I was notified that Florida legislation has gone insane. Apparently, it’s no longer enough with God presiding over the USA in all judicial ways – now you’re as good as dead if you’re “appearing threatening” while in the state of Florida. Check this:

Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which took effect Saturday, means that people no longer must attempt to retreat or defuse a threatening situation before using violence in order to later claim they were acting in self-defence. People already had that right in their homes, but the law now allows them to meet “force with force” in any place they have a legal right to be.

Oh, don’t forget a little bonus, here:

The right does not apply if the person is confronted by a law-enforcement officer.

Congrats, you’re in Florida. Congrats, you’re in danger. Read the entire article here.



2 Responses to “Florida madness”

  1. Leita Says:

    As a Floridian, I agree. It is scary considering most of the people who will use this inane law shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun. It snuck by most everyone here until after it passed. There was nothing in the media warning of it that I could find.

    What also surprises me is Texas hasn’t adopted something similar. A few years ago, Texas started granting citizens the right to carry a handgun in public. Shortly after, businesses–lots of businesses–posted “No Guns Allowed” signs.

    Welcome to the wild, wild south.

  2. juvenal Says:

    I’m surprised Wal-Mart aren’t selling Haubitzes yet, but that’s about it. The USA need anti-gun-laws. Check this article out to see what the people of Brazil are given the right to vote on, soon.

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