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Racist lullaby


prussian_victory.jpg You’ve got to check this page out. It contains link to a horribly home-made video, starring three children: two girls who (seem to) play and sing the song.

What song? Well, it’s a little racistic ditty. You’ll have to check it out yourself. The entire video is downloadable through mentioned site.

Noteworthy facts and questions:

  • The baby is named Dresden.
  • You clearly hear an acoustic guitar, but this doesn’t stop the guitar-playing girl from having a Steve Vai-ish electric guitar sling around her neck (and does that really match their “European clothes”?)
  • What the f-ck are “European clothes”?
  • Did the kids write the lyrics? Hell no. Talk about your racist parent who uses his kids for pushing his own agenda. Hello, Jordy.
  • The site says “It cannot fail to charm the socks — and the stereotypes — off anyone who sees it.” Do they mean the video will charm the light-weight prejudiced socks off and replace them with ultra-racist ones instead? I’m sure that’s what being implied.

The Daily Show clips


tds_m4_10132_headline.jpg I don’t know what you’ve been told, but American politics are mighty cold. Hence, I think you should check out The Daily Show, one of the best political TV shows I’ve seen. The big thing about it is that it’s funny, which means anybody can access the humour of it all. Watching the big anchor, Jon Stewart, and his cohorts diss all kinds of political people is fun, even though Stewart himself sports a few bizarre traits, such as being for the latest American invasion of Iraq.

Catch a few torrents from the site here.

The US government tracks you through your laser printer!


Conspiracy hogwash? I wish that were true. Unfortunately, as this article from EFF points out, it’s nothing but scientifically proven. It seems that a bunch of laser printer manufacturers have given some part of the US government, and themselves, the right to stamp the the date, time and serial number of the printer – on every page you print using one of these laser printers.

You’ll see the process working and explained by the EFF, right here. From the EFF:

“Underground democracy movements that produce political or religious pamphlets and flyers, like the Russian samizdat of the 1980s, will always need the anonymity of simple paper documents, but this technology makes it easier for governments to find dissenters,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Lee Tien. “Even worse, it shows how the government and private industry make backroom deals to weaken our privacy by compromising everyday equipment like printers. The logical next question is: what other deals have been or are being made to ensure that our technology rats on us?”

Big Brother indeed.

Timbro tankesmedja – intellectual death


As I’m reading Sam Harris’ “The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason”, I’ve come to page 29, where the following is mentioned regarding the planes crashing into America on 2001-09-11:

Why did nineteen well-educated, middle-class men trade their lives in this world for the privilege of killing thousands of our neighbors? Because they believed they would go straight to paradise for doing so. […] The consessions we have made to religious faith–to the idea that belief can be sanctified by something other than evidence–have rendered us unable to name, much less address, one of the mest pervasive causes of conflict in our world.

This is, of course, not only applicable to faith, but any matter where evidence is not apparent.

Today, Tiina Rosenberg (whom I’ve written about before) has resigned from politics, not only because she is constantly under attack from homophobes and anti-feminists, but also because she has been indirectly threatened by a right-winged group of people calling themselves “Timbro tankesmedja” (which translates as “Timbro thought-forge”). Exactly what does said threat consist of? I will tell you.

In this article [in Swedish], posted today in DN, Rosenberg publicly explains why she has now decided to leave the board of Feministiskt Initiativ (Fi), one of the reasons being the indirect threat: Rosenberg recently received a book, a thriller sent by Timbro tankesmedja, with a note. The note read as follows [my translation]:

Hello, Tiina! This is a book about a frustrating existence where one after the other goes missing. A situation which probably isn’t unheard of.

How nice. Apart from attacking the Swedish government with false claims (see my notes about Johan Tralau’s mad and anti-intellectual attack on Rosenberg and the Swedish government here), said “thought-forge”, of which Tralau is a member, may be using mafia tactics. According to Cecilia Stegö Chiló at Timbro, Rosenberg has left out a part of the note, reading “deflects and goes missing” instead of “goes missing”. In this article in DN today, Stegö Chiló adds that the book has been sent to “several” people in Sweden, and not just to her. She adds that she does not feel sorry for Rosenberg.

To iterate on the sheer intellectual value of Timbro tankesmedja: my friend Rade recently wrote this angry post regarding a statement by another member of Timbro tankesmedja, namely Johnny Munkhammar. On the day that the Nobel Prize Committee were to announce the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, he was part of a panel of people discussing who deserved it most, and came up with two nominees. McDonalds and George W. Bush/Tony Blair.

In his letter to Rade, he quoted this speech (as read) by Bush, saying Bush and Blair have “liberated 50 million people from oppression“. Of course, Bush said “It is courage that liberated more than 50 million people”, but let Munkhammar equal the word “courage” with Bush/Blair. It’s a free world. Only, our world wouldn’t be very free if Bush/Blair reigned, which apparently does not bother Munkhammar. He is not even bothered with critique of his source: if we all would actually believe all statements made by our governments, we would have a lot of problems. Remember the words of Juvenal: “Who watches the watchmen?” This is especially noteworthy, as Bush frequently, since the advent of 2001-09-11, refers to biblical passages in his speeches, and at times replaces “God” with “the USA”, when lifting passages. That’s a tad risqué, don’t you find? You can see much more about how Bush and his administration caters to the American extreme christians in the excellent documentary titelled “The Jesus Factor”, streamable in its entirety, for free, here.

So, apart from the fact that Munkhammar believes George/Tony should have the prize, his other nominee was McDonalds – one of the most fierce corporations in history, that is, like every other corporation on this planet, motivated solely by making as much money as possible – that he thinks should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Please, see “The Corporation” before you note another thing about the true goal of corporations. Munkhammar says McDonalds should receive it as they “work for openness, trade and exchange between countries” which “in turn, leads to peace”. He doesn’t say anything about what this corporation wants, what they trade, what said “openness” or “exchange” consists of. However, judging by his standards in that statement, Hitler wanted peace. Bush evidently wants peace in the same way (which is especially noteworthy in appointing John Bolton as ambassador for the USA, in the UN). HalliBurton definitely wants peace.

I say McDonalds aren’t about openness in the least. For a popular stance on how open they truly are, and how much worth their products truly carry, see Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me“.

All in all, I haven’t checked out Timbro tankesmedja more than this. Of course, the above claims by a couple of their members are atricious, and their indirect threat against Rosenberg is a direct threat against democracy as a whole, but I’m not saying they’re wholly devoid of any form of intellectual thought – simply because I haven’t wholly checked them out. What I hope my quoting Harris makes clear, is that when one is debating, driven by emotions instead of carrying facts and intellectual capacity, one should look oneself in the mirror once an hour and say “I’m not making any factual claims. I’m simply talking rubbish that has no basis in reality.” Then, either mend your ways or don’t make these claims in the reality in which many of us happen to live, because it only adds to the rubbish-pile. How would you like to be remembered: as an intellectual person who can back claims and stand by them, or as hot air with as much worth (in every way) as a cheeseburger courtesy of McDonalds?

Dubya: inhuman torture is OK


Check this post and then throw up. Some cuts from it:

Senator John McCain, one of the strongest supporters of the war in Iraq, has sponsored a legislative amendment that would prohibit the “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” of prisoners in the custody of the US military. Last week the Senate approved the amendment by the overwhelming vote of 90 to 9.

Did you say President Bush? Well, that would be correct.

And a-one, a-two, a-vile.

Gender-based hatred in Sweden


As this article from DN [in Swedish] points out, Tiina Rosenberg, whom I’ve written about previously, is constantly under fervent attack, apparently because she is intellectual, strong and a leading member of Feministiskt Initiativ (Fi).

The most recent attack is courtesy of Johan Tralau, a scientist, who has accused Rosenberg of cheating, in order to attain her professorship in Gender Sciences.

His claim to this, is saying Rosenberg has stolen a piece of research and used it in a book of her own, without referring to her source. A reporter from DN has researched this claim, and sees that Rosenberg has, in fact, referred to the one sentence that Tralau is accusing her of stealing; if one can say anything to Tralau’s defense, the referral is made before said sentence, and not after it, which is customary.

So, was that all? No. This one, non-customary reference to one single sentence in an entire book, written by Rosenberg, was enough for Tralau to accuse the Swedish government of “letting gender politics pass before academic merits”, i.e. Tralau says Tiina Rosenberg shouldn’t be allowed her professorship because she added a referral to one sentence, of all her referrals in mentioned book, before, instead of what customarily comes afterwards, said sentence. Either that, or he’s anti-feministic. But, he’s a scientist, so he be that as well.

Hence, here’s what I suggest: let somebody rummage through Tralau’s list of writings, and let anybody who finds any single spelling-error or dubious full-stop, publicly exclaim that’s a sign meaning the Swedish government lets people who carry a penis pass before true intellectuals. And, of course, don’t forget to accuse Tralau of cheating to get to call himself “scientist”. For, as you know, scientists only use science as their tool of choice. They don’t go accusing people of theft on prejudiced grounds, do they?

The above would be funny in a Monty Python-esque way, if it weren’t for the fact that Rosenberg has now stated that she is thinking about leaving politics altogether, because of the hounds constantly following her (and her family). And they aren’t exactly few in number; even as they’re mostly intellectually incapacitated, the sheer legion of morons attacking can make a person mentally tired, ready to pack everything up. Everybody knows this. When the headlines of the country spell your name and every type of deranged adjective beneath in huge, capital letters, at least a day a week, you can probably guess Rosenberg’s situation is quite horrid at times.

If you who are reading this are not from Sweden, you may have heard that Sweden is “the most gender-equal country in the world”. By some slide-rulers this is true, but alas, men still are much more privileged than women in this country (and hence, in the world). Since Fi was founded this very year, giving birth to the first 21st-century political organisation that put feminism as their top priority, I haven’t witnessed anything like the attacks against them, of which extremely few have had any type of intellectual validity; most of these, I’ve heard through people who, instead of checking out the facts, have guessed what Fi are on about, and twisted this aggressively in their minds, blurting it out without caring for the consequences. When I’ve asked some of these people for solid proof backing what they’ve said, they’ve mostly laughed and said “what, you expect me to refer to what I read in some paper a week ago?”, to which I’ve replied “yep”. Go ahead! Further laughter and can-you-believe-this-guy-looks (when a discussion like this has taken place in the company of several people, and not in a one-on-one confrontation). I retort: “OK, you actually expect me to believe in something you’ve ‘read somewhere’, which in turn means you apparently believe any type of printed word without having to question the source or its validity? Don’t you think that would be wrong?”. Usually, this question just makes the person quimper and studder pap. Reason against aggressive, unbelievable trash always works: at least intellectually.

I hope Rosenberg stays on the political arena and I really hope the people who attack her and Fi on loose grounds can start using their minds. Sweden desperatly needs intellectuals like Rosenberg in order to stay afloat.

Jag och Gud


“Och Gud sade, Varde ljus! Och det vart ljus.”

Jag brukade läsa denna välciterade rad med förundran och underkastelse när jag var yngre. I total omnipotens beordrar Gud tomheten att bytas ut mot ljus och det sker ögonblickligen. Som barn låg jag ofta i min säng, bad Gud att ta hand om mina nära och skydda dem från allt ont i världen. Han var värd min fulla kärlek. Att besitta egenskapen att kunna skapa liv från ingenting, förtjänar ju en avdyrkan lika omfattande som kraften att begå gärningen i sig. Det är sant. En handling eller ett brott måste bemötas med en belöning alternativt ett straff av likvärdiga proportioner. Det är exakt detta handlingskoncept som behandlas i alla de större skrifterna. Öga för öga, tand för tand.

Med åren började jag, genom erfarenheter och upplevelser, bygga upp mitt eget tänkande. Ungefär som Gud gjorde med universum fast över en mycket längre tidsperiod. Situationer uppstod, våld användes, tårar rann, skratt ekade och allt detta lade grund för min personlighet. Då jag alltid varit en tänkare per definition, så kom fasen av intern diskussion att ske väldigt naturligt. Frågeställningar blev allt vanligare och jag närmade mig gränsen till det området, som under min tid alltid klassats som tabu, snabbare för varje sekund som gick. Jag kritiserade vänner, politik, familj, samhället och t.o.m. mig själv. Min tankekropp blev allt mer muskulös och att ge, samt ta stryk kändes knappt alls längre. Tvärtom, det var givande att få en utmaning. För när man bröt ner alla ord och meningar fick man oundvikligen kunskap. Slutligen gav jag mig på Gud. I min mentala arena, vars läktare var fyllda av fiktiva karaktärer från samtliga tidsperioder i mitt liv, möttes vi öga mot öga.

– Vem är du?

“Jag är Gud. Din skapare”

– Men om du skapade mig. Vem skapade dig?

“Ingen. Innan allt fanns inget. Inget fanns innan allt. Jag är evig och har alltid existerat.”

– Det är omöjligt då allt i vår värld är baserat på kausalitet. Ingenting sker utan en orsak som vållar ett händelseförlopp som i sin tur vållar ett nytt.

“Precis som en amöbas dimensionsuppfattning är otillräcklig för att ta den någon annanstans än höger eller vänster förbi ett hinder, är din hjärna för enkel för att kunna förstå mig. Min existens sträcker sig förbi proportionerna av mänskliga tankegångar. Din övertygelse att något måste ha existerat innan något annat kan inte göra annat än brista. Ty då skulle händelseförloppet pågått i all evighet. Och om det pågått i en evighet, hur kan då någon ha skapat allt?”

– Jag tar tillbaka det jag sa. Ingen har skapat allt! Byt din självutnämnda tron mot tomrum och du har sanningen framför dig. Radera ordet Gud ur människans vokabulär och tillsätt universum. Universum är evigt och i dess vakum har liv skapats. Varför skulle du finnas? Ett väsen som gett liv för att överge det och sen kräva avdyrkan och ovillkorlig kärlek. Det är sant att våra hjärnor är för begränsade för att kunna förstå. Men inte för att förstå dig, utan för att förstå universum.

Jag vände mig om och sprang ut ur arenan. Med tårar i ögonen och tankarna splittrade hörde jag hur arenan brast samman och allt den varit uppbyggd av föll till marken. Jag fortsatte springa tills jag vaknade på morgonen, osäker huruvida min konversation med Gud varit en dröm eller äkta. Livet fortsatte och jag blev vuxen. Gud hade inget inflytande i mitt liv längre efter den dagen. Under dagarna gick mina tankar aldrig åt hans håll utan svävade kring alldagliga ting och saker som betydde något i verkligheten. Innan läggdags kunde jag dock inte undgå att återgå till de rutiner jag praktiserat som barn. Saken är den att jag fortfarande pratar med Gud om kvällen. Det bara det att han inte svarar längre…

/Frans Narcisius

Reflektion av fina ord


Fina ord som media ständigt använder för våld, mord , maktmissbruk, slakt och oskyldigt dödande kallas det för humanitär intervention, fredsbevarande insatser, kirurgisk bombning , precisions bombning eller kampen för frihet. Dessa ord har vi blivit matade med under en längre tid utan att kanske riktigt reflektera över dess innebörd.

Att människor precis som du och jag runt om i världen vaknar till flyganfall “kirurgiska bombningar” utförda av ockupationsmakten och sover med oroligheten av att snart kunna fälla tårar för en förlorad vän eller själv bli den som tårar fälls för, är ett faktum. Miljontals människor desperat försöker finna lösningar för att få mat för dagen, samtidigt som vi i våra trygga hem vräker i oss mat för att sedan mätta och belåtna tycka och tänka som vi vill om den rådande situationen i världens alla hörn.

Att en tidig morgon gå ner till affären för att handla inte farligt i sig, men tänk att se en pansarvagn rullande framför Ica, den affär man tryggt under flera år inhandlat mat. Tanken att en pansarvagn står mellan mataffären och en själv är upprörande i sig, men att nationen inte har makten att avlägsna pansarvagnen är mer än uppretande. Att sedan en hel värd ser på är rent löjligt. Paradoxen mot människans “demokratiska” natur är att en hel värld skådar orättvisa handlingar utan att vidta åtgärder. Detta är ett faktum i flera länder idag.

Naturen styrs av lagar som inte ändrar sig av föra att passa våra behov och bekvämligheter. Eftersom vi människor också är delar av naturen gäller samma lagar då vi agerar. Om vi bombar människor så sprängs de, kulor dödar, våldtar ni någon så skadar ni denna människa svårt. Inga ord i världen kan rättfärdiga dessa grymmheter oavsett vad man kallar det för.

Fina ord är inte alltid så fina.

The Nobel peace prize, Mc Donalds and Dubya?


This morning I woke up, wandered to my most comfortable sofa and lied down to rest some more. Turned on channel one on the telly to see what’s going on in the world.

Instantly I was informed about that today is the day when the Nobel peace price is handed out to somebody that is actually cares about other people (Yitzak Rabin and Shimon Perez excluded). Very interesting was my immediate though when a debate was next up on channel one’s morning show – god morgon sverige (good morning Sweden).

Four people were taking part in this debate including the host of the show. Two very smart women were there but I can’t remember their names because they were smart and interesting to listen to. Meaning that they and I think alike. NOW ENTER THE FUCKING DRAGON – The last guest was a man named Johnny Munkhammar and he works for Tankesmedjan Timbro (that basically is a bunch of liberal rightwing fanatics who express their joy in taking part of beeing satans spawn and spreading the plague around the world) (and translation – timbro idea forge, maybe.. whatever)

So let’s connect the words in my interesting title for this post.

Mrs Munkhammar actually sat there and suggested that:

1. Mc donalds should get the Nobel peace prize since no two countries that have Mc Donald restaurants have ever fought a war against eachother. Also Mcdonalds is paving the way for free trade and I also think the got the word democracy in the mix. Im not sure though, but would you be surprised if he did HAHAHAH no!

2. He also wanted our good friend George “Doublejew” Bush (was that funny? – no offense im not antisemetic – just pointing out that dubya likes to sell wmd’s to Israel or somthing, nevermind.) and our other good friend and motherfucking hustler none other than Tony Blair to get the Nobel peace prize. I almost choked on my nonexistent breakfast..

His reason were that they are spreading democracy by ridding the world of bad bad baaad tyrant’s. (Ok so the united states did actually helped Saddam to take power in Iraq, but that doesnt count somehow?!) So we have a suggestion from Johnny boy that they should get it even though there is still a war going on “ova thurr” (chingy we love u). And we will not even count the about 1-2 million children that have died because of US (UN also, fair is fair) atrocities.

So I just had to send a mail to Johnny Boy which i will post last i this post (in swedish – if you want a translation please send a billion dollars to Eskilstuna Sweden)

Basically I critcized him about his suggestions and gave him an idea for a workshop that Tankesmedjan Timbro could use. Topic: “Basic elementary morale” (For free – donated by Rade’s Tankesmedja)

The basic idea was that they should write down all their controversial idea’s and try to figure out why they are so controversial. Then they should apply the meaning of the topic to all the info they have gatherd and become better human beeings!!

Thank you!

My email:

Hej Johnny.

Såg dig imorse på nyhetsmorgon när du satt där och diskuterade nobels fredspris.
Dina förslag till fredspristagare var onekligen ganska intressanta.
Vi pratar om förslag på fredspristagare som inte har skonat några liv de senaste åren.

Nu vet jag att du är nyliberal och gillar väl att provocera, företags vålmående och pengar framför allt.
Man får ju lära sig att leva med att det finns sådana människor som du som har total avsaknad av empati.
Tex i irakfrågan, hur absurdt är inte ditt förslag om att Bush/Blair ska få fredspriset när det dör människor dagligen där
och framför allt när kriget fortfarande pågår?
Jag förstår att du är så pass övertygad om att det är rätt att du inte kan förstå den “andra sidans” argument för en mer
human irakpolitik eller mer human politik överhuvudtaget där man sätter människan eller naturen i fokus.

Jag har ett förslag! (Helt gratis, utformad av Rade’s Tankesmedja)
Eftersom du också jobbar för en tankesmedja så borde det väl ligga i ditt/erat intresse att förstå varför människor har skilda åsikter.
Ni borde ha en temavecka som heter “den lägsta elementära morala nivån”, där du/ni skriver ner era mest (i andras ögon)
kontroversiella tankar för att sedan ta reda på varför de är kontroversiella.
Som avslutning kan ni jämföra det ni har kommit fram till om tex irak kriget och mcdonalds som mottagare av nobels fredspris med era ursprungliga tankar, för att sedan forma om era ursprungliga tankar så att de passar in i just temat för denna vecka:
“Den lägsta elementära morala nivån”.

Om du inte förstår var jag vill komma med detta så är du välkommen att svara på mitt mail.

Med vänliga hälsningar, Rade

Florida madness


One of the first pictures off Google, that I found when searching for Today I was notified that Florida legislation has gone insane. Apparently, it’s no longer enough with God presiding over the USA in all judicial ways – now you’re as good as dead if you’re “appearing threatening” while in the state of Florida. Check this:

Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which took effect Saturday, means that people no longer must attempt to retreat or defuse a threatening situation before using violence in order to later claim they were acting in self-defence. People already had that right in their homes, but the law now allows them to meet “force with force” in any place they have a legal right to be.

Oh, don’t forget a little bonus, here:

The right does not apply if the person is confronted by a law-enforcement officer.

Congrats, you’re in Florida. Congrats, you’re in danger. Read the entire article here.